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Cemetery Sexton & Board

The City of Centralia Cemetery is located at 200 E. Hwy 22, which is south of Highway 22 between South Jefferson Street and Rollins Street.  Southgate Street borders the south end of the cemetery. 

The Cemetery Advisory Committee is comprised of six members who serve three year terms with each term beginning May 1st of the appointment.  One of the six members may reside outside of the Centralia city limits if residing in the Centralia School District.  The purpose of the committee is to formulate rules and regulations for the maintenance of the cemetery, subject to the approval of the Board of Aldermen, and to advise the Board of Aldermen on any needed measures for the good governing of the cemetery. 

All appointments to the Cemetery Advisory Committee are made by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  If you are interested in serving, please contact the City Hall office at 573-682-2139 and your name will be submitted for consideration.

Current Committee Members and the year the term expires are as follows:

Thelma Chandler - 2021

John Kottwitz-  2021

Greg Pauley - 2019
Oneda Roberts - 2019

Jan Hollis - 2020

Vicki Simmons - 2020

The Cemetery Sexton and contact information is as follows:

Phyllis Brown
114 S Rollins  
Centralia MO  65240
Phone:  573/682-2139
Email:  phyllis@centraliamo.org

Please direct any complaints or concerns you may have about our cemetery to the cemetery sexton or the committee members.

Grave Space Cost:

Each grave space costs $300.00 each.  We are currently selling spaces only in the Northwest Section of the Cemetery which requires a vault or a vault liner.

If you wish to purchase a space in another section besides the Northwest Section, we do have contact information for a few owners who would like to sell their spaces. Please contract our office at 573/682-2139.

Donations may be made to help offset the costs of maintenance and operation of the City Cemetery. For more information regarding donations, please click here.


Cemetery Directory:

Located at the north end of the cemetery is the cemetery directory. The directory was built based on plans obtained from the Paris Walnut Grove Cemetery. This directory was made possible from citizen donations, volunteer labor and materials donated by LaCrosse Lumber. Volunteers who helped to construct the directory are as follows:

Ed Thall
Mike Colvin
Ivan Sweezer
Denny Rusch

Maps are located in the directory to assist locating grave sites as well as an alphabetical listing of all grave space owners. (We hope to have this list available on our website in the future).


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