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Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment consists of five members who are City residents appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen. Three alternate members may be appointed by the Mayor to serve in the absence of the regular members. Each position on the Board of Adjustment is for a five-year term. The Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals pertaining to permissible uses related to the zoning or building codes adopted by the Board of Alderman. For a complete list of the powers and duties of the Board of Adjustment, see Section 31-62 of the Centralia City Code.

Appeals to the Board of Adjustment are submitted to the City Administrator in writing, along with the required fee of $100. Once a completed appeal and payment is received, a hearing will be scheduled giving the officers of the Board of Adjustment an appropriate amount of notice.

For more information regarding the Board of Adjustment or and appeal to the Board of Adjustment, please contact City Hall at (573) 682-2139.

Denny Rusch 2018
Michael Becker 2019
Janet Holdeman, Chair 2020
Linda Bormann 2021
Heidi Sims 2022


Beth McCoy

Henry (Sonny) Tucker













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