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Board of Aldermen & Mayor

City Officials:


Tim Grenke PhotoMayor - Tim Grenke

230 S Hickman
682-7170 -cell

682-2139 - office


City Administrator- Heather Russell

114 S. Rollins St.

682-2139 - office

Attorney - Cydney D. Mayfield

Mayfield Law Office, LLC

Pilot Grove, MO 65276
(660) 834-6963


Police Chief - Bob Bias
114 S Rollins St.
(573) 682-2131 - office

Prosecuting Attorney - Cydney D. Mayfield
(660) 834-6963-office


Treasurer - Rhonda Hatton
910 Eastmont




Ward 1
Don Bormann
800 Jason Ct.
(573) 682-4287


Ward 1Wilkins
David Wilkins (2019)

220 Sunset Lane

(573) 347-0893

Ward 2
Don Rodgers (2020)
702 Southland
(573) 682-2139


Ward 2
Robert Hudson, Jr. (2019)

7 Mayes Meadow


Ward 3Magley
Landon Magley (2020)

644 Spauldin Dr
(573) 682-4162


Ward 3Lee

Jim Lee (2019)
322 E Singleton
(573) 881-6598


City of Centralia Mission Statement

"Our principle is to help our citizens live safe and prosperous lives".

It is the desire of our city government to work together in a sense of pride, and a spirit of personal accomplishment and partnership.

We, as citizens of Centralia ourselves, will accomplish this through professional insight, community service, fiscal responsibility, public safety standards, innovative programs, goal setting for the future and individual responsibility.

The outgrowth of our work together will enable our diverse citizens, young and old, to continually grow and prosper.

The City of Centralia...
                   Stability, Trust and Pride!

  Shop Local Support Centralia's local businesses by keeping your dollars local! Dollars spent locally have three times the impact on the local economy as dollars spent at national chains. When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.
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