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City Policies

This page contains policy documents pertaining to the City of Centralia.

3/15/2010 Utility Regulations
6/15/2009 Culvert Installation
11/17/2008 Equipment Use Rates
10/20/2008 Computer Usage
6/16/2008 Travel Expense Reimbursement
5/19/2008 Purchasing and Payments
5/16/2005 Loaner Dumpsters
5/17/2004 Meal Expense Reimbursement
8/18/2003 Recognizing Persons In Adopt-A-Site Program
10/19/1998 Culvert Maintenance
4/15/1996 Using Council Chambers And Community Room
8/7/1995 Curb, Gutter, Widening of Public Streets
10/21/1991 Temporary Closing Of Public Streets And Alleys
6/17/1991 Payment For Outside Work On Utility Lines
1/21/1991 Fire Dept Aid Outside City Limits Emergencies
10/15/1990 Reimburse Training Expenses
6/18/1990 Contracts For Architectural, Engineering, And Land Surveying Services
3/21/1988 Wearing Safety Belts
2/15/1988 Street Improvements And Maintenance
8/17/1987 Cost For Work Performed By City Employees
2/15/1987 Using City Equipment


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