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City Attorney


The Mayfield Law Office is located in Pilot Grove Missouri. Cydney was appointed as city attorney in September 2018 and City Prosecutor in October 2018.

City Attorney Responsibilities:

The city attorney provides legal advice on city legal matters to the mayor, board of aldermen, city administrator, other city officers, and various boards and commissions, including the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Park Board of Directors. The city attorney prepares and reviews ordinances and resolutions for consideration by the board of aldermen, and prepares and reviews contracts involving the city. The city attorney attends meetings of the board of aldermen and the Planning and Zoning Commission. The city attorney , when requested to do so, represents the city in civil legal actions brought by or against the city in any state or federal court or in any administrative agency proceeding. The city attorney also may be directed to perform any city prosecutor duties in the absence of the city prosecutor or when the city prosecutor is not able to perform such duties in a particular instance.






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