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Recently Enacted Ordinances

Contents of this Section:

12/16/2013 Excavations within the City Limits
12/16/2013 Reduced Speed Limit on Remington Dr
12/16/2013 Increased Electric Utility Rate
8/19/2013 Updating Location of Stop and Yield Signs
8/19/2013 Setting Property Tax Rates 2013
8/19/2013 Amending List of No Parking and Restricted Parking Zones
7/15/2013 Increase in Animal Impoundment Fees
5/20/2013 Rezoning Land Switzler Street
5/20/2013 Amending City Code Concerning B-2 Zoning
5/20/2013 Amending City Code Concerning Cost of Burial Spaces
5/20/2013 Amending City Code Concerning Interment Permits
2/19/2013 Authorize Contract for School Resource Officer
1/21/2013 Amending Building Permit Fees
8/20/2012 Setting Property Tax Rates 2012
5/21/2012 Rezoning Parcel from R-1 to R-2
4/16/2012 Annexing Property on Hwy 22
4/16/2012 Rezoning Annexed Property on Hwy 22
9/19/2011 Disrupting a Public Meeting of the Board of Aldermen
3/15/2010 Resolution - Adopting Cold Weather Rule
11/20/2009 ADA Grievance Procedure









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