RFQ City Attorney

The City of Centralia, Missouri is requesting statements of qualifications (SOQ) for City Attorney services or alternately, applications for employment to hire a permanent part-time salaried City Attorney.  SOQs or applications for employment must be submitted in writing by July 27, 2017 at.2:00 p.m. addressed to Heather Russell, City Clerk, City of Centralia, City Hall, 114 S Rollins St., Centralia, MO 65240. SOQs must be submitted on the form provided and envelopes must be sealed and clearly marked “City of Centralia – Legal Services”.  The City of Centralia reserves the right to reject all proposals or to negotiate an agreement that allows for minor modifications from the original submission.  Applicants for employment must address all the relevant questions in the RFQ.  Copies of the entire RFQ are available in in City Hall, 114 S Rollins St., Centralia, MO or contact City Administrator, Matt Harline at cityadmin@centraliamo.org, (573) 682-2139 or download it from the city website at http://www.centraliamo.org.